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Bunny Cheerleaders Nearly Perfect Pyramid

A group of rabbit cheerleaders from Florida State University are on the verge of perfecting the classic “pyramid” move, according to their coach, Taryn Ventille. 

The bunnies have forgone their summer vacation to stay on campus and work on their moves, said Ventille. They’re preparing for the Collegiate Bunny Cheerleading Championship, which will take place at Walt Disney World in September.

"They’ve really gelled as a team," said Ventille. "It’s really been a privilege to watch them come together and figure our their routine."

Though it’s still a long shot that they’ll win the competition — the high flying team from the University of Tennessee is a massive favorite, according to ESPN — the FSU squad won’t embarrass themselves.

"Bunny cheerleading was only added as a sport [at FSU] three years ago," explained Ventille. "So for them to come this far, so fast, is a real achievement."

Via pycbunny.

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German parents

Here in America, there is a plethora of different cultures. The culture that I came the closest to knowing would be my German and English ancestry. To describe that in a simple manner would be…imagine you are a child in the kitchen and your father is in the other room looking on the computer. You step on a piece of glass in the kitchen and say “ouch!” (not very loud I might add) and from the other room you hear a bark “shush! be quiet! I’m doing something!”…that was pretty much my life. A life of shush, be quiet, don’t do that, I don’t wanna hear it. That’s what I grew up with. Also the extreme obsessive compulsive nature of a parent who feels their child can never do anything right. Today for example, I am sitting in MY car with my father and he reprimands me for not having an up-to-date registration. I look in my car and find the registration that I have taken care of, “no look father, I’ve taken care of it”. “yeah but when does it expire” “in 2015” “no you gotta check the expiration date” “yes, it says feburary of 2015” “no, you’re not listening!—” then he pulls over the car to see the date for himself, proving the fact that I was right. I mean, I knew my inspection was expired before he did, I went and got it checked…I am more than a legal adult by now, I can do these things on my own. But my father and mother will for ever be surprised if I do anything on my own that takes any measure of adult thinking. I mean, even in high school when I was researching colleges, my father would come along on college visits and ask the representatives the same questions he had asked ME to research and get the same answers that I would tell him. If nothing else, it’s a little disheartening to think that your parents literally have no faith in you to act like an adult. I mean, when I come home and my father tells me that in order to get the most from people I have to be nice to their face even if I don’t like them….I was in a SORORITY for crying out loud. Did he think I learned NOTHING from that experience? Do you think being in greek life for three years doesn’t teach how to deal with people you don’t like? C’MON. I could also get into my parents’ lovely habit of ignoring anything that requires an emotional response. The mountain of emotional baggage beneath the rug in our family is taller than mount everest. I mean, me and my sisters are all severely emotionally stunted. I understand that the Germans are a cold and reserved people, but when my sorority sisters get SURPRISED and thoroughly SHOCKED when I hug them or smile at them…it just makes me wonder what the hell kind of upbringing I had. But I feel as though that can be a blog for another day…how my upbringing has damaged my emotional response to well…anything. 

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